• Our Story

Cold Blooded Caffeine Co. was created as a partnership between Trey Hall and McKendrick Dunn to produce high quality coffee with wildlife conservation mindset, while still making the coffee accessible to a wide range of audiences.  McKendrick and Trey first met as coworkers outside of the coffee world while working for one of the large commercial automotive manufacturers.  Many important principles were able to be gathered from these shared experiences, such as an intimate knowledge of manufacturing and supply chain processes and a customer-focused mindset.  The idea came for Cold Blooded Caffeine came one day when Trey, an avid coffee drinker who also operates a commercial herpetoculture facility, was is a store to buy a bag of coffee and noticed that many of the coffee producing countries also supported a large number of species that his facility captively breeds.  And the idea exploded from there!  Each business now has the potential to feed off of one another, captive reproduction of reptiles and amphibians helps to prevent the same animals from being taken from the wild to support the growing pet trade.  At the same time, a responsible coffee roasting facility can help facilitate the conservation efforts that will protect the ecosystems of the native flora and fauna.  Conservation, ethics, and education of the natural history of the amazing animals that call coffee producing countries home are very importance principles to Cold Blooded Caffeine, and we want to pass along that passion to everyone who purchases a bag of our coffee.  Should you have any other questions regarding our products, our mission, or just want to talk coffee or animals, we are always available available to chat.  We hope you enjoy your next bag of Cold Blooded Caffeine coffee!


Trey Hall and McKendrick Dunn