Where are you located?

  • We are located just outside of Charleston, SC.


What is your roasting schedule?

  • This varies somewhat depending on our show/event schedule, but typically we try to roast Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  This allows us to use Wednesday and Friday to catch up on packing and shipping orders. 


When will my order ship?

  • We aim to ship all orders within 1-2 business days of receipt.  A lot of this depends on our production schedule and when the order is received.


How much is shipping?

  • Shipping costs vary quite a bit depending on where you live relative to our headquarters and the amount of coffee you purchase.  We are always working to reduce the cost of shipping where possible by leveraging all services available, but unfortunately we have little control over the actual cost.  If you would like to stock up on coffee, we currently offer free shipping on orders $75 or more.