A New Business Adventure

As the owners of a coffee roasting business, we have always been passionate about delivering the best coffee experience to our customers. We found a very unique niche that allowed us to penetrate the market quickly and achieve a level of success. Believe it or not, that market was the reptile market. Once we discovered how beneficial the coffee plant was to the wildlife that many cold blooded reptiles lived, were we were able to craft that story and take it to the dozens of reptiles shows across the US. The message was very well received and contributed to the early success we achieved. And since we also give to nonprofits that help protect the natural wildlife of these animals, that helped us gained more credibility.

As we continued to grow and expand, we also continued to pursue other opportunities that were presented to us. Some are still in process, and we are very excited about. Others have been placed on hold until we can create enough mental space to give it the attention it deserves. The one opportunity that came quickly was a coffee delivery business. We realized that roasting and selling ground and whole bean coffee all over the US did not give us much of a local presence. That along with several other factors allowed us to agree to expand our business into a coffee delivery service.

The idea of a coffee delivery service seemed like a natural progression for our business. After all, most people crave a cup of coffee in the morning, but not everyone has the time to go to a coffee shop. By offering a coffee delivery service, we could bring the coffee shop experience directly to our customers' doorsteps.

The first step in expanding our business was to conduct market research. We wanted to understand the demand for a coffee delivery service in our area and identify any potential competitors. Through our research, we found that there was a significant demand for coffee delivery services, and we could provide a unique offering by using our own freshly roasted coffee beans, which is something the other delivery services did not offer. We would still offer whatever the customer wanted, but we could also include the option for premium fresh roasted coffee from Cold Blooded Caffeine if they desired.

Next, we needed to determine the logistics of our coffee delivery service. We knew that we would need to invest in delivery vehicles, warehouse space and develop a user-friendly ordering system. We also needed to decide on a delivery radius, pricing, and delivery schedule and frequency.

To ensure that our coffee delivery service was a success, we focused on providing an exceptional customer experience. We made sure that we were well-trained and provided excellent customer service. We also created a referral program to reward existing customers for their repeat business. The launch of our coffee delivery service has been met with great success! Our customers love the convenience of having a variety of coffee delivered to their business doorstep. Over time, we will continue to expand our coffee delivery service by adding new products and potentially expanding our delivery radius.

In conclusion, expanding our coffee roasting business to include a coffee delivery service was a natural progression that allowed us to provide our local customers with an exceptional coffee experience. By conducting market research, focusing on logistics, and providing exceptional customer service (which by the way we have 25+ years combined experience), we were able to successfully launch and grow our coffee delivery business. We are excited to continue to innovate and provide new offerings to our customers in the future.

Stay tuned. You never know what Cold Blooded Caffeine may have in the hopper next!

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